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    • Institutional reforms in Colombia 

      Alesina, Alberto (2000-11)
      "This document is organized around "political" and "economic" institutions. We begin with the former, with a discussion of the role of the judicial system and of the separation of power followed by the electoral law and ...
    • The Central Bank in Colombia 

      Alesina, Alberto; Carrasquilla, Alberto; Steiner, Roberto (2000-08)
      "In the last decade the issue of the optimal degree of central bank independence has been at the center of attention of academics and policymakers in many countries. The direction of institutional reform has almost universally ...
    • La descentralización en Colombia 

      Alesina, Alberto; Carrasquilla, Alberto; Echavarría, Juan J. (2000-06)
      "In the 1990 s descentralization in Colombia, a process which had begun a decade earlier, was sharply accelerated. The percentage of current Central Government revenues that are automatically transferred to the regional ...