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    • Inflation Targeting in Latin America 

      Barajas, Adolfo; Steiner, Roberto; Villar, Leonardo; Pabón, César (2013-12)
      In this paper we analyze the implementation of inflation targeting in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. First we undertake OLS estimations of conventional Taylor rules and show that in all four countries the central bank ...
    • Política cambiaria y esquemas de metas de inflación: ¿Qué nos dicen los datos? 

      Barajas, Adolfo; Erickson, Lennart; Steiner, Roberto (2008-07)
      Este trabajo se realizó bajo dos motivaciones principales, la primera se basa en que luego del estudio fear of declaring: do markets care what countries say about their Exchange rate policy?, IMF staff papers se encontró ...
    • Depositor behavior and market discipline in Colombia 

      Barajas, Adolfo; Steiner, Roberto (2001-04)
      This study examines how depositors choose among different banks and over time in Colombia, focusing on whether they discipline bank behavior. By controlling for a more comprehensive set of risk/return factors, the study ...