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    • Race and ethnic inequality in health and health care in Colombia 

      Bernal, Raquel; Cárdenas, Mauricio (2005-01)
      "In this paper we explore race and ethnic health inequalities in Colombia. We first characterize the situation of Afro-Colombians and indigenous populations in Colombia. Second, we document racial/ethnic disparities in ...
    • Embarazo y fecundidad adolescente 

      Barrera, Felipe; Higuera, Lucas (2004-06)
      "Este documento intenta identificar los factores que inciden en el embarazo y la maternidad adolescente, y sus efectos sobre el capital humano. En particular se estudia la relación entre embarazo y maternidad adolescente ...
    • Public spending on social protection in Colombia: analysis and proposals 

      Perotti, Roberto (2000-08)
      "This paper studies the main social programs of the Colombian public sector. Traditionally, health and education expenditure have played the lion s share both in the theoretical discussions and in the allocation of social ...