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    • Wage inequality and structural reform: evidence from Colombia 

      Cárdenas, Mauricio; Bernal, Raquel (1995)
      "The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the causes of the early decline as well as the recent increase in wage inequality in Colombia. In particular, we relate changes in wage differentials to the gap between the rate ...
    • Who Bears the Burden of Crime in Colombia? 

      Gaviria, Alejandro; Vélez, Carlos E. (2001-01)
      This paper investigates the distribution of crime and violence across victims in Colombia. Property and violent crimes as well as incidents of domestic violence are considered. The paper shows that rich households bear a ...
    • Women’s Empowerment among the Extremely Poor: Evidence from the Impact Evaluation of Red UNIDOS in Colombia 

      Martínez-Restrepo, Susana; Mejía, Juan C.; Enríquez, Erika (2015-09)
      Currently, 9.1 per cent of Colombia’s population lives in extreme poverty. Poverty is more prevalent in rural areas, where it reaches 19.1 per cent (DANE 2012). In Colombia women are more affected by extreme poverty than ...